Goldato offers full-scale and flexible solutions for its clients, from opening a precious metal account to the final delivery.

Through the GoldMine® online banking system you yourself can manage your investments and savings on your account. By acquainting yourself with our services you will benefit from the professional possibilities enabled by state-of-the-art techniques!


  • The investments programs of Goldato – lump sum investments and savings program – offer a wide product scale for clients.

  • The amount and timing of payments, reaching the target sum, i.e the duration of savings program may be flexibly modified depending on fulfilled payments.

  • The user interface can be accessed by clients, is easy to operate and offers customer friendly solutions to all the transactions.

  • Orders typically occurring by physical precious metals investments are operated directly by the client. The client may order not only the purchase and sale within the GoldMine® system, but may also ask for delivery, storage, allotment or open a new precious metal depot.

  • GoldMine® allows continuous online access to the clients own precious metal depot that is available at any time 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. The client may keep track of his account containing real time and accurate information on all movements or place a new order.

  • Through the constantly changing rates in GoldMine® the clients may easily follow the changes in value of its precious metal investments.

  • Because of this, a real time price calculation is ensured also for every client transaction, all the orders will be launched aware of the current prices.

  • Secure and user-friendly access is guaranteed through the secure client gate system. Similar to other online banking systems, the GoldMine® system provides the client code required to registration via e-mail as well as via SMS. Furthermore, all orders can be placed solely with the so-called TAN (transaction) code sent by SMS to the client’s mobile phone.

  • In the case of any inquiries arising on the use of the GoldMine® surface, our customer service hotline is also at your disposal.


  • Precious metals are stored in top security vaults, among others in the Vienna headquarters of LOOMIS, the long-established international cash management company.

  • The favorable monthly storage fee is invoiced on the first day of the following month, by weighted average of the monthly stored goods amount. By order of delivery, the storage fee will be charged until the day of delivery.

  • The stored precious metals will be covered by insurance for the entire stock.


  • By client’s request, the precious metal stock may be partly or entirely transportable at any time. In the case of a lump sum investment, transport may be completed upon the purchase order or at any later date – as within the savings programs - from the precious metal stock.

  • Orders are fulfilled through our selected transport companies in an accurate way.

  • Delivery is protected by full value insurance.


  • Goldato undertakes commitments to repurchase precious metals sold with a storage order that can be fulfilled at any time.