Goldato offers a unique precious metal trading platform in terms of quality and range of services, where traditional investment forms and state-of-the-art online technologies are combined. In the online banking system - developed for physical precious metal transactions - customers are able to manage anytime their precious metal account themselves opened for Lump sum investment and Savings program. Furthermore, they have the power to flexibly supervise their own investments with regards to the amounts and frequency of installments, delivery and storage as well as new orders. Accessing their accounts, customers will be informed about actual movements as well as transactions processed beforehand.

Goldato deals only with gold and silver bars produced by LBMA certified refiners that guarantee a safe and liquid investment.

Lump sum investment

Lump sum investment is recommended for customers who are considering a one-off investment with a larger sum

  • It may be fixed in sum, by defining the amount to be considered for investment
  • in bars, by choosing the size and amount of investment bars.

By placing orders through the online interface, the client will always be kept informed about actual prices and incidental fees connected to the order (e.g. delivery fee). Please note that gold (gold with purity rate of over .995) can be distributed Tax free in the EU countries. Silver distribution is however taxable. To ensure postponement of payment of VAT until the date of delivery we offer silver investments in combination with Tax free storage in Tax free depots.

Savings program

Our Savings program is recommended for customers who intend to store up their regular investments in gold.

Upon starting the program, a savings account will be opened where precious metal will be purchased for an up to date and favorable savings program price, to an amount that has been individually chosen and remitted by the client. Individual purchases will be carried out in small amounts (accuracy 0.001 g) so that gold as well as silver will be always purchased for the total installment amount. The date of reaching the target sum, i.e. the duration of the Savings program may be flexibly modified by the customer, depending on the sum and frequency of installments. It is possible to sell or have delivered either part of, or the whole amount of gold before reaching the final target without interrupting the savings program, by placing an order on the online interface.

Advantages of Savings program

  • Offers gold savings opportunity also for customers who intend to invest regularly smaller amounts in gold.
  • It is not necessary for the customer to decide in advance about the bar size and amount combination of his precious metals stock.
  • The deposit* - a deposit, charged and collected depending on the savings plan construction - will be refunded in precious metal upon reaching the end of the duration.
  • Upon expiration of the savings program – depending on the savings plan construction - the customer is entitled to receive a further so-called bonus gram amount* that will be credited to their precious metal account.
  • Upon signing the contract the sum and frequency of installments will be chosen by the customer.
  • The customer may vary from the payment parameters that have been previously defined, and thus the final sum may be achieved within a shorter duration than that originally planned.
  • Security, transparency, client orientation, individuality, price advantage.

* The deposit, the bonus gram amount and the contract terms depend on the chosen product construction.