About us

Goldato is an innovative corporation with board members commanding many decades of experience on capital market. Upon establishing the joint-stock company, E.I.S. East Investment Services in 1994, the 3 main owners became active on the capital-market. As members of the Budapest Stock Exchange they have been supervising commercial paper accounts and investments of more than 20,000 retail and institutional clients for 12 years.

Since 1997, they have been running Access PLC as an investment funds management company and managing at present 10 investment funds. Currently the owner’s circle occupies a leading position in numerous enterprises, among them being Access Investment Funds Management PLC, Remat PLC, and Phylaxia Holding PLC. as well as one savings bank. Physical gold and silver investments were introduced into the company group portfolio in 2011.

Goldato Invest PLC and its subsidiary Goldato Handels PLC strives to ensure a top-level service for precious metal distributors, wholesalers as well as for investors.

Our company deals only with top quality gold with a purity of 999.9/1000 and silver with a purity of 999.0/1000, produced by LMBA (The London Bullion Market Association) manufacturers. The GoldMine® precious metal management and transactions software owned by Goldato enables smooth provision of the required services.