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The current global economy shows clearly and distinctively the basic trends of our future – changing economies, a constant inflationary threat, and crises of the Dollar and Euro, to name but a few examples. The signs are obvious and we have to consider new aspects, especially when the future security of our wealth and savings is at stake.

It is with good reason that in recent years, there has been a particular emphasis on investments in precious metals. Investment in physical gold and silver bars is a savings form that maintains its value and builds a safe and liquid base in our portfolio in the long term. Gold’s value has remained remarkably stable for thousands of years. It has emerged time and time again and strengthened out of crises of politics and global economics. In contrast, the purchasing power of many currencies has declined.

Gold investment is an ideal supplementary and stabilizing element of any client portfolio; investors can rely in the long run on an added value, due to the increase in gold prices following the paper money inflation. Depending on one’s wealth and income it is generally recommended to keep 5-20 % of your savings in precious metals, balancing any losses on your assets caused by inflation, issuer’s risk and further risks.

Goldato, with its technical background along with its client tailored services, are pleased to be at our customer’s disposal. We offer a product that is characterised by: Security, Value stability and Independence.